Do you celebrate the big moment or make big of the little moments?

Many photographers have been drawn to photography as a profession because there are no images of them growing up. Either they were not the first child and their milestones weren’t documented or it just wasn’t something that was of importance in their home- so they made it their career.

Over the years, I have learned that a child’s self esteem can be attributed to seeing their images proudly hung on the wall or framed on a shelf in their home. I grew up having that privilege. It is important to me to be part of capturing other’s future genuine memories.

I love looking back at the images of families I’ve photographed. This image like so many of my favorites, happened by accident. Capturing the images between the shots planned are the best of all. After this image, I couldn’t even imagine wanted a face forward, eyes on me image with clear skies. Also, I often get calls when the weather isn’t perfectly sunny cloudless day asking to switch days for better weather- NO!!! Bring on the weather, I am ready to dance in the rain with you! We can have fun splashing in muddy puddles (if you give your kids and me permission). Getting those moments of joy that come no matter the weather. Come ready to play, say yes to fun!

Have you had a day that came out better than what was planned because you went with the flow?

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