Why is it Important to Exist in Photos: Generation Session

Why is it important to exist in photos: Generation Session.  Some might call them Mommy and Me, Mothers Day Sessions, I encourage two or more generations to be part of this session as a gift to the family, a story to tell and a treasure to hold on to.  However you want to call them, me having a lifetime in sports medicine, I just want to say, in the words of Nike…just do it! 

Do you have pictures of you and your mom? Your grandmother? Together?

I have found that Mothers and Grandparents are the first to excuse themself from the session with one excuse or another, opting to sit at the back and have the children the focus of the session. 

They are also the ones in the least amount of pictures because they usually are the ones taking the pictures of their family.  These are the same people who understand the importance of seeing their family grow up, but worried about how they will see themselves and criticize their flaws that often only they see, when they look at the images.

Years to come these children will not care about how you looked that day or what you were wearing, but that they have photos of you together.

I understand, I did it too for years!  Till I heard the stories of lost chances, missed opportunities and one of my own clients who passed away before she had her session with her infant child.  These are the reasons I push for moms, for grandmas… for YOU, to step out from behind the camera, the phone and gather your loved ones to create an image you won’t regret having instead of regret for missing out on.

Together, we can create beautiful memories for you and your family to treasure.

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