Baby Bump to Little One

One of the biggest regrets I hear from new parents is not getting their maternity pictures done or scheduled their newborn session before their baby was born. I get calls and emails asking for newborn sessions when their baby is a month or even three months old because that is when new parents start coming out of the fog of newborn life. Even I remember when the haze of sleeplessness started to wain and the realization of all the things I wish I had done different, were organized or planned ahead. I had even joked with my husband about doing a maternity session saying something about why would I want that? I was focused on having my baby and not being center of attention by how my body looks and showing my baby bump…this also is a regret of mine. My maternity picture is me working in my yard in my orange hoodie. I laugh at those images today but wish I had something more planned and loving that I can show my daughter expressing how loved she has always been instead of my orange Oompa Loompa pictures of myself on our cell phones.

If you are or know anyone who is expecting, I recommend calling a photographer and getting scheduled. The last thing people think about when starting a family is getting pictures done. They are often overwhelmed and preoccupied with all the appointments and getting the baby room ready that these moments fly by un-captured.  Sometimes they are to shy.  Baby bumps grow, change and then are gone even if while pregnant you think they never will.   Sessions make a great gift at a baby shower and a great group gift from coworkers or family.

Recently I had an office want to purchase a gift certificate from me to give to their coworker whose baby was 3 weeks old. They told me they wanted to give the parents time to get adjusted before visiting or giving their gift. Hours later they called me back to say the family had their session done the day before and didn’t know whey were ready to get out of the house yet. Once a family has their initial images done, their little ones don’t stop growing. There are milestones in the first year that photographers would love capturing…this would be another great gift for any family because these are memories that families don’t even realize yet they they might miss them till the moments have passed

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