It’s my self portrait time! After relaunching this new website, I needed a better picture for my About Valerie page. Images by Valerie landscapes will be on exhibit and the opening is on October 18th at Spa Escape, so I needed a photo of me to hang with my exhibit…so I had to get on this.

Valerie aka  Raggedy Ann

Valerie aka Raggedy Ann

I am like most photographers and don’t like getting my own picture taken. I’m also like most people and am self critical of the flaws I see, the age and changes that occur and are seen in my face as I continue to conquer life and everyday obstacles. I am proud of who I am, but of course secretly wish for perfection that does not exist.

Images by Valerie
The winning image to represent me!
Of course this now meant that I needed clothing changes to try to express me!

Images by Valerie-5
Self Portrait of me!
Then the one that I liked the most but of course, not smiling! This one I think will be best for the photo exhibit on the wall of the spa…is it what people think their photographer should look like?

Images by Valerie - landscape photographer

Images by Valerie – landscape photographer

So for all of you who would like to support a local spa owner, 2 local photographers as well as School on Wheels, the nonprofit that we have connected with to receive a percentage of the sales. Mark your calendars and come to our exhibit opening at 2pm October 18th at Spa Escape!