Our Family Photo Session

On Monday, my family did our family photo session. I actually ironed our clothes that everyone picked out so we would “go” with each other as I tell my clients. I am not the type of person that prefers families doing their sessions with matching white shirts and blue jeans. Our daughter even picked out her dress as soon as she found out about the pictures, she pointed it out every day. I went through the closet and found an outfit that would bring us all together. I was so proud! The morning of the session, we were up early and she wanted to wear the dress immediately! I wasn’t going to risk her getting her dress dirty so soon since she is my daughter…Like mother like daughter! I let her pick out something else pretty to wear before getting dressed for real…when it was time, she wouldn’t change. All I can say is that we are colorful, definitely not matchy-matchy which I was avoiding…and she is a 3 year old so wrinkles on the clothes work! I did take the ironed dress and hung it in the car in case of accidents.

We picked the Santa Barbara Harbor to do our sessions. On the way there my husband asked if I was nervous…He had to laugh at me when I said, yes, I kind of was! My concerns were that I wanted to let our photographer do her job…I wanted it to go smoothly for her and everyone, I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be a backseat photographer (that is the hardest part).

We were all pleased it wasn’t too bright out, the overcast skies hung on for us so no lighting issues…everyone wants blue skies and a sunny day…photographers love cloudy or overcast..jackpot! What we didn’t count on was high tide to the point that the breakwater actually was having the waves breaking over as we walked. We got about half way down but we didn’t want to ruin our photographers camera or scare my daughter by getting hit by a wave…Fortunately we were all able to go with the flow and do pictures along the harbor..a good variety. Of course not what we went in hoping for but we know that as long as we all can play, see the humor in it, roll with the punches, change our course, the pictures may be just as fun if not better than what we envisioned.

A tip for everyone is to schedule your sessions now! Get them in September or book them now to get a date for early October. After Halloween you will be preoccupied with everything else for Thanksgiving and Christmas and getting holiday cards done will be a scramble for you and/or photographer. We now wait patiently for 2-3 weeks before we get to see the images from our session. So glad we planned ahead since everyone will be trying to get their sessions in late October and early November. First item on our list for the holiday season, do our family photo session…CHECK!

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