Pet Photography: Your Pet Matters

Your Pet Matters- You are Family!

Pet photography isn’t just about dogs, it’s also about the people who love them. We pet owners dedicate much of our daily lives making sure our furry companions have all their wants and needs taken care of. They are members of our family! When I have family sessions, I Love when they ask if their dog(s) can come- YES, YES PLEASE!!! And when doing a pet session, I LOVE and encourage when families join in for some magical moments. These images convey the special bond you share with your dog, those are the images people often value the most.  Imagine the story of your friendship depicted in a place of prominence in your home.

Your pet is a superstar

Just like people and snowflakes, every pet is unique. I know you see what makes her special- the way she holds her head, ears, the look in her eyes and and the soulful expression. She’s your “once in a lifetime” dog; the dog who represents everything good about life. You want the best of everything for her, because of the love she has given you.

Pets never stay with us long enough

This unfortunately is the tough reality. No matter how much we love them, how strong our desire, time is the ultimate determiner of our relationship with our pets. Capturing the details down to the expressions of our pets and investing in artwork will keep those memories alive for years to come.

You value custom art

Sure, cell phones have come a long way but when or how often do you do anything with the images that sit in that digital purgatory? You go to a photographer because of their style, they are creatives, artists and they create beautiful artwork to go on the wall. You could go to to a store or online and pay for wall art that is sold by the thousands or you can have high-quality, personalized artwork of your best friend. All animals are a work of art and custom images of your best friend on your walls or coffee table are start conversations as well as put a smile on your face.

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