Pooch Playoffs!

My Love of Dogs and Creating Pooch Playoffs!

Pooch Playoffs 2021 Benefiting Santa Barbara Humane

I love dogs. I wanted to let you know how excited I am about creating the 1st Annual Pooch Playoffs that is live now for voting through June 1st with winner announced on June 2nd!! 

Throughout the years, I have seen the Humane Society jump in and support the community- whether it was from the fires and floods with people needed a place for their beloved pets while they relocated, or taking in animals that needed new homes and helping people connect with their new family member, regular boarding services or providing low cost veterinary care…these services just touch the surface of what they do on a regular basis. 


I saw so many friends and family members post on social media about their new furry family members. They chose to quarantine with a new furry friend during this time that has helped carry them through isolation.  Appreciation of the Humane Society seems to be a common ground for so many in this community.


We currently have two rescue dogs, a cat and a rescue bunny, as well as a couple chickens to keep things fun and interesting. We had to stop there so I live vicariously through your pets and images! When adopting from the Santa Barbara Humane Society, I was so impressed that I was able to tell them about our home and family.  In my conversation, I let them know what we were envisioning and they were able to direct me to the specific dogs for my family to meet and see which of those dogs were a fit.  I loved how they listened and how well they knew the traits and personalities of the animals in their care.

Personally, I feel it is important to give back by finding ways to support non profits that are supporting our community.  I was so excited to connect with local businesses that share my belief.  During Covid, I know many local businesses felt hardships because of online shopping or shut downs.  I know my business of photography slowed down to almost a stop.  I was able to transition and do some social distance sessions, but I know how I was affected so I reached out and connected to many businesses that jumped right in and helped me create some amazing prize packages and swag bags for those participating in my vision of Pooch Playoffs here in Santa Barbara.  Many other businesses wanted to support but are recovering from Covid slowdown or shutdowns but I’m confident they will return strong.  


I had so much fun having all the sessions and meeting new people and dogs.  Just like kids, everyone has their own personality and it is fun for me to discover.  Seeing the quirks or traits that their “parent” tells me about as well as what makes their furbaby so special and important to them has been fun!  I’m use to photographing dogs as many families bring them to their sessions and since they are a valued member of the family, I love capturing individual as well as interactive images of them with their loved ones.  Pets are always there for us, see to know when we need that extra cuddle like when we are sick or have the blues.  They listen when we talk and seem to play an integral part of various life events as we look back on our major moments.


I got my first dog when I was 30. She was a rescue, and although I had to let her go when she was 16, she was so important to me.  Memories of her bring a smile to my face al the time and thinking back on her personality as well as the quirks that made her one of a kind.  Now my daughter is developing her own memories with our current rescues…like how one of them howls/sings along when she practices playing the recorder for music class, or how she hides under her desk while she is using it or behind all her clothes in the closet when the wind blows. But also how she can jump up and put her paws on your shoulders for a hug while somehow not putting any weight on you.


My photography and supporting the Santa Barbara Humane Society seems like a perfect match!  I’m very excited and I am already planning the 2022 Pooch Playoffs.  I know it will grow year after year. Thank you for all who jumped in to donate, help as well as enter this 1st annual event and I hope to have the opportunity to meet more of you and recognize your furbaby in the future too!

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And if you haven’t seen the Bracket for Pooch Playoffs with these dogs plus many more…check it out!!!

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