How to Prepare for Your Newborn Session

First things First….To all you new parents- CONGRATULATIONS!!!  I know it seems like every moment flies and someone slows all at the same time!  Several days may have already passed and now you realize how much your newborn has changed. You may already find you are reminiscing on what moments you’ve had while catching up on what today brings.  Every day opens a new page of more discovery of newness.  This is the perfect time to get your newborn session!  

I have been on both sides of a newborn session, first as a new mom that was navigating the moments and so many feelings. Today, being the photographer and supporting parents, answering questions about the session. Answering questions regarding newborn must haves and don’t needs and connecting to moms support groups. Those were so important to me when I was in that position of a new mom.


Because newborn moments are so fleeting, I recommend a session from day 3 to day 10 of age.  I highly recommend this be booked when you find out you are pregnant with the expected due date, and then because babies don’t always choose to arrive right on schedule, we make the date adjustment when your little one is born….Having this gifted to you as a baby shower gift has been such a thoughtful gift.  I’ve partnered with ALBUM REGISTRY to help you capture these moments.

If you are scanning around Pinterest and loving those posed or sleeping babies, the sooner you can schedule, the better.  Babies are use to be scrunched up for the past 9 or so months, they are use to being in the fetal position (hence the name).  Poses require getting them into those comfortable positions that feel secure to them, but as they grow, they become less flexible and poses available to use are less.  Also, the older they get, the less they sleep they have and the more feeding and poop breaks that will be needed during your session time.


Whether you have been documenting each and every moment since you found out you were expecting or you are a few weeks into new parenthood and already have a large family, I recommend capturing these moments.   I believe that photography is not just for you and your family but for your little and future generations.  Photography has a way to be able to open up conversations and unlock memories and stories about their life and beginnings.


When it comes to babies, each one is unique and beautiful, but photographing them is not always an easy feat.  I recommend this be left to a professional who is focused not only on capturing what makes them special but focused on the safety specific to newborns and be able to take this time and relax, often for the first time in months! 


There are things to think about and let your photographer know regarding your final newborn session date. Let your photographer know if your baby is a premie and what is your actual baby’s age. Also your baby’s corrected age and when was your due date.  Is or was there any health condition?  If you are having boy, is he going to be circumcised and if so, when?  All these can affect when we should or feel it is safe to best photograph your greatest gift.


Before your actual session, I recommend you talk with your photographer and discuss your vision, their style and get an idea of the plan and flow they have for your baby based on the information you give.

Newborn sessions, depending on the type of session and the photographer, they could last from one to four hours.  A key is that you know what to expect before hand.  A baby senses what is going on in the room. If you feel stressed or anxious, your baby will be fussy and the session could last even longer.  Also, the more mom is involved in the session, the more feeding breaks are needed because baby hears, smells, senses mom. A happy and relaxed mom is a happy and relaxed baby and a quicker session.

There are different types of newborn sessions as well.  Lifestyle means at your home and capturing your interaction and bond between family and baby, this could vary in time depending on the photographers plans during this session.  Studio Sessions are at the photographers studio with either studio lighting or natural light or a combination.  These session allow for props, backdrops, various poses during this time.

If you love the picture of the baby hanging from a sack from a tree limb – that is done in a studio session. This should ALWAYS be done as a composite done on photoshop for the safety of your baby.  There is always the option of an outdoor newborn session. I have been doing these during COVID restrictions and for the safety of both me and my family and the baby and family.  Outdoor sessions can combine some of the lifestyle as well as some props. Elements to consider are the weather, baby’s skin and temperature. No matter the location, beautiful moments can be captured of the bonds of baby and parents comes through at any location.


Safety of newborns has to always be primary concern. If anyone is feeling sick, it is best not to put anyone, especially your baby at risk. The health of your baby has always been important, even before Covid times. Babies haven’t been vaccinated this early and only protected by residual immunity from mom. You have been planning for your baby for almost a year, probably even longer, understanding the process and meeting your photographer before is an important step in capturing these fleeting moments!

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