Family Rain Session

2022 New Year, New Experiences

If we haven’t seen each other or connect since the clock ceremoniously ticked off the new year. I wish you an amazing 2022. I am a fan of even numbers, although 2020 was a hard one to accept, I stand strong in the support of 2022. Being born on February 2nd, my daughter on the 22nd, I am a fan of the number 2, so this has GOT TO BE GOOD!!!

2022 is the Shiny Newness I was Looking For

Was any one else looking for the end of 2021? I dived into planning, excited about my new calendar, my new goals, changes, programs and sessions. Everything is like that shiny new toy you saw in the catalog before Christmas that you got to circle, make your lists and and hope you saw it in your posession at the end of the year. I’m dating myself but it was the Sears Catalog. I have now seen the Target and now the Amazon Catalog show up for my daughter. Not as big, but same effect and the same squeel and sparkle in her eyes that I know was when I was a kid. That is what New Years means to me. Vision Board DONE and I’m ready! Praying to hold on to that excitement, sparkle and shine of the newness far into the new year.


Why do I go on and on….well, one of my goals is that for my family to have experiences and not stuff. Whether it is a day around town or walking the beach picking up seaglass. Maybe a trip to someplace local or far away. I want experiences and memories for us to have, being and experiencing together. The inside stories and jokes, the laughter and even though we see each other ALL THE TIME being a family of 3, we get to learn more about each other. These allow us to catch up on what we thought we already told each other but now we actually are all on the same page. This is what I see is important for my family, experience is what I feel is important to provide you!!! See…I was going somewhere with this.

This Year I want you to experience my Rain Sessions. Whether it is a cool headshot or Portrait (and I mean REALLY COOL). Or you want to dip your toe in or full on dance, jump, leap in the rain, or watch as your kids do it by themselves or together, this is an experience I couldn’t wait to bring in year round and share! I also feel that it falls in line with my Santa on the Beach with Snow that I introduced November 2021 and is going to be an annual event! I Love my sessions and have so much fun, play and laughter, and am so excited to also be the Santa Barbara photographer who makes it Rain AND Snow!!!

Basically what I learned from all these months of adjusting from pandemic life, is what is important is family, the moments together, the experiences and the connection all make amazing memories. I want to celebrate them all!

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