New Month, New Start! Happy July!

Happy July to you, it’s a new month and I’m ready for a new start. What does the 1st day of a new month say to you?⁣

Today is July 1st as I type this. I am excited because I mentally perceive the turn of the calendar as a new start. We learned so much from June on a personal, business and national level 🙌🏽 . We have identified problems that have gone “overlooked” on a day to day basis and now CHANGES ARE IN THE AIR!!! 🌬I am proud, embrace these and move to improvement. July better be ready because here I come!!! 🤸🏼‍♀️⁣

Like the 1st of the year makes me so giddy with vision boards, new starts and goals, plans and dreams, each new month is a mini celebration to me. What did I love of the last month, what do I want to see happen in this new month and any changes I need to make to improve. July is a clean slate!!!

In our case- All birthdays and celebrations for our family where the last 2 months. We went from figuring how to make the best day for each person week by week, day by day and I’m pretty happy how that went. I started doing distance sessions 📷in my business. I came up with a summer day by day covid, precautions schedule 🤹🏼‍♀️to keep the days fun and productive for my now 9 year old. 🚴🏼🧩⁣

July, I intend to get healthy inside and out 🏋🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️- comfort food, new desert recipes, enhanced baking skills 🎂🥮as well as a need to make comfort food has led to those extra pounds ⚖️…Now that the stores usually get their shipments and we can shop for what we should and not buy what is available and get creative with 🥘. Challenging myself was really kind of fun for me and I have 2 months till all my doctor appointments 🩺to make the adjustments. Buckle down and be where I need to be- or at least on the right track- I’m ready for July!⁣

For this new month, I wish you a happy July!! What does this month say to you?

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