FALL 2021: Prepare Your Family to Exist In Photos!!!

It’s Fall!!! 2021!!! Have you thought about your family photos this year? How many times?


Basically, I love the seasons change and even though here in Santa Barbara, they don’t really change- there are local blocks or parks that have the trees that I LOVE to walk through. I look at the ground for the colored leaves and into the sky for the trees changing and it makes me smile. Being a local girl, but I have lived in areas where the seasons were dramatic. Raking piles of leaves, preparing to drive in snow and ice and wonder if I was going to be snowed in and for how long. Today I appreciate what we have and make the most of what we got and enjoy it!

What says Fall to you?

Is it a pumpkin spice beverage or treat? Do you have a favorite pumpkin patch or do the corn maze? Do you deck out your house and stock up with the best candy? Change the linens and add the family blankets on top of the bed for extra homey cozziness. So many things say fall and are different to everyone. To me, I just want to enjoy the season…so here it comes, your gentle nudge from me.

My last family session date that I am scheduling is November 7th (the first weekend of November)

How many people are just getting to see their families together after almost TWO years!!! How many of us were flipping through our photo albums, redecorating our walls, framing prints so we had family around us since we couldn’t be there in person. We are coming together, hugging, catching up, lets remember this!!!

Capturing Everyday Moments
Creating Tomorrow's Memories
Exist in Photos
Family Reunion

So many of you have taken me up on getting your family sessions done in August and September (THANK YOU). They already have their holday gifts, holiday cards and ready to enjoy the season. This is what is wish for you. You can enjoy the season and check items off your list too! Weather has been great so far and covid rules have been good. Holiday photos here I come, vacinated and ready to photograph your kids and get some awesome true images for you and your family to remember WITH A SMILE, the best of 2021!

Catching Up
Moments to Remember 
Capturing Everyday Moments
Creating Tomorrow's Memories
Catching Up!! Moments to Remember

Step Forward and Be Vulnerable

Yes, You!! This is probably the number 1 reason why people (if they get the true reason for procrastinating) put off scheduling their session, year after year! I say it over an over again, but these pictures are for your family, not for you. They see you, your smile, that look in your eye and they want to capture you in this moment to share with their fmaily in the future. Through the years, I have learned that parents have a tendency to look at their image and pick out what they don’t like about themselves in the moment. But sadly, only they see those things.

Come and be yourself! BE YOUR TRUE, UNIQUE, HEART AND SOUL SELF, BE VULNERABLE AND EXIST IN PHOTOS. Your kids don’t want pictures of themselves, but they DO want pictures of themselves with their parents, in the present. Lets capture how each of your uniqueness come together and let me be your cheerleader!

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