Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays….WHAT???!??

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

I’ll say that again!!!  YES, you heard that right!  I really do love the holidays.  My family can attest that I am excited all year prepared to enjoy the holiday season…BUT, I know this is summer…Yes, I DO know that.

I’m not talking about Santa Clause and Snow

While I’m not saying lets Deck the halls in the mids of summer, I won’t say no.  I’m game to photograph your family’s ugly sweater collection in the heat of August if you are willing and able to wear them.  This is your family and I’m excited to play along!  That will keep us all laughing and smiling the entire time!

Every Year, I Encourage Everyone to Book Early

I mean have your family sessions by the end of September and NO LATER than October because, well face it…everything else is happening and we forget, don’t have time.  On my end, I need to create your cards and get them ordered for you. I want you to have them so you can get them addressed, stamped and in the mail, your gifts wrapped, shipped and delivered in time!

This Year is Different

We have learned from last year to prepare.   Because of Covid, rules constantly changing, I want to have you booked and done preferably by the end of August, ideally by the end of September, and I am already booked for several sessions during this time, so I want to make sure you get yours in!


Be able to look back at 2021 and see your family that you have around you TODAY!!! Let’s grab this time and these moments!

Don’t Wait For Last Minute!!!

If you are waiting till last minute, I can’t guarantee that I will, or any other photographer will be able to do sessions later in the year…we all just don’t know what is happening, so i want to help you be proactive!

Today is Friday August 13th..there are a total of 7 weekends left till the end of September.  I do have a few weekdays available as well but I know everyone wants the premier weekend time spot.  Due to covid and my own family time, I am only booking 1 session a weekend and 2 during the week since I want to get you all in.   Those on my email list got a week head start and several spots have already been booked.  Spots are limited and availability in the future is in question so the earlier dates are preferred in case rules require further shut down.  Rules change and I don’t want to have to postpone or cancel anyone’s session.

If I have already done your session in 2021, I would love to schedule a zoom session with your gallery so I can begin and create your holiday cards, gifts for you family and memories for the year from them..way to be ahead!!!

I LOVE being able to hand you your holiday cards and gifts in August and hear the excited and comments of being able to relax and enjoy the holiday season.

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