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Fall Today, Holiday Music Tomorrow!

Fall Today, holiday music tomorrow! Now that fall is in the air, we are thinking of school starting, leaves turning and the weather changing- so obviously holiday music will be playing tomorrow in the stores! I thought it was only right to try to put a little light under you. As a mom I learned that you think you will get so much done during the hours you child is at school, only to realize you had so much more to get done that you run out of time again to tackle half of it! Where did the time go? I know I am already multi tasking like crazy and when I see the clock show I have 30 minutes till pick up I start putting all the work in process away to clean up before out preschooler blesses the home again with her projects, toys and art and snacks when the focus immediately goes to getting dinner started.
This is why I suggest call the photographer whose style you like and personality you gel with. You are bringing them to capture a moment in your lives and you want it to represent yourselves accurately or maybe just how you wish you could be portrayed…I’m not judging 🙂 This is why we ask a lot of questions on the phone and prefer to meet with you. The more we know what you want, the more you know if we are a fit with you and can produce the end product you want to look at for years and decades to come. It also gives us photographers an idea what we need arrive with, whether props or distractions, family references we don’t use, tattoos we should or shouldn’t capture, as well as things that your kids love to talk about…If I need to look up superhero movie information (or ask my husband for pertinent content) or various species of frogs, or learn the words to Frozen songs (with the tutorial of my daughter) before the session so your kids can talk to me and feel comfortable- I will do that, but these face to face meetings are very important for the ultimate success of your session! So as I said at the beginning, the leaves are turning and Fall is in the air, Tomorrow will be holiday music in the stores…start planning for your family photo sessions before the annual holiday panic sets in!

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