Cake Smash Fun

Recently a friend of mine’s son was turning one and I was given the opportunity to have cake smash fun!  For those that don’t know, a cake smash (I have several examples on my pinterest page) is a time when you can dress up your son or daughter, or just sit them in a cute diaper or skirt or do a combination of the two and place a very cook cake with lots of frosting in front of them…and wait for the magic.  When my daughter turned one we got her a cupcake, and I was ready with my camera, and she barely touched the frosting and was kind of disgusted at the whole thing.  She did eat a little, but very carefully.  When she turned 2 we tried again, this time she touched it, then asked for a spoon.  My friend, Melissa Perez owns Beck’s Bakery & Bites in Santa Barbara and I gave her direction but let her make the cake she wanted for her son…and he enjoyed.

I think watching for a year of her making her baked goods and not being able to touch them may have made him confused at the start..but he caught on and had a blast!  I am worried what having a toddler around her baked goods will mean for her in the future…Be prepared, he crashed hard from a sugar coma afterwards.  These sessions are fun for all (usually not the cake or the clothes) but the memories and images during the session are priceless!

Looking forward to my next cake smash- the mom already told me she wanted it in my studio so it’s time to roll out some fun backdrops!  Can’t wait to share!

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